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The Brick Jacket

The Brick Jacket

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Crafted from heavy canvas, the Brick Jacket is all-weather repellent and designed to be worn for extra-long workdays at brick kilns. Reinforced wrist-protection shields the wearer from cuts and blisters and enables heavy lifting. Openable armpits cool down the wearer when close to the furnaces. A special pocket stores an oxygen tube in case of exhaustion and a face mask to prevent dust and chemical intake.

You can help us fight child labor by donating any amount here. Or, you can buy the actual piece of clothing. The price: One year’s worth of salary for the workers.

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    Please note: That the purpose of this item is not for actual usage. In fact, it shouldn’t even exist. It has been developed by SOS Children’s Villages to work as a reminder of the hazardous working conditions of some of the most dangerous jobs in the world - performed by millions of children worldwide.